Introduction to 4D Textiles


March 4, 2021
Online, March 4, 11:00AM (EST)


4D Textiles are structures that respond to environment forces. Typically these are produced by combining 3D printing with textile materials. The behavior is achieved by storing strain energy in the textile that is resisted by the printed material. When the printed material changes properties (from heat, electrical energy, chemical response, etc.), the shape of the system changes.

Dr. Pastore is a professor of Transdisciplinary Studies at Thomas Jefferson University (formerly Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences). Prior to this, he taught in the Textile Materials Science program at North Carolina State University, and the Materials Science and Engineering program at Drexel University. He recently served as a Fulbright Specialist at Durban University of Technology (South Africa) in the Textile Engineering department. He has been a visiting scientist at RWtH Aachen University (Germany), University of Gent (Belgium), Oak Ridge National Laboratories and NASA Langley.

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Introduction to 4D Textiles


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