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TM190-TM 190 Colorfastness to Home Laundering with Activated Oxygen Bleach

TM190-TM 190 Colorfastness to Home Laundering with Activated Oxygen Bleach

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AATCC TM190-2016, Colorfastness to Home Laundering with Activated Oxygen Bleach Detergent: Accelerated


Developed in 2001 by AATCC Committee RA60 (revised 2010, reaffirmed and editorially revised 2016)


1.  Purpose and Scope


1.1  This test method is a diagnostic test intended to screen dyed cotton textiles sensitive to oxygen bleach detergents. It provides an accelerated procedure to assess the shade changes of dyed textiles when exposed to activated oxygen bleach detergent (simulating multiple home lauunderings, typically 10 or more). This procedure is most appropriately used during the dye selection process, prior to the production of washable textiles.

1.2 This method does not reflect the contribution to shade change of optical brighteners, which are present in some commercial washing products, or finishes that may be applied to the textile during production.


2.  Principle


2.1  A specimen of the dyed textile is laundered, rinsed, and dried. Specimens are tested under defined conditions of temperature, bleach concentration and time to assess whether fading will occur after multiple home launderings. The color difference between the test specimen and the original textile is assessed instrumentally or visually.


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