RA23 Colorfastness to Water Test Methods

RA23 Colorfastness to Water Test Methods Members

Total Members: 34

Last Name First Name Role Company
Sabou Daniel Secretary Polartec Tennessee Manufacturing, LLC
Appidi Subhash Voting Intertek Consumer Goods
Chadwell Stacy Voting Kayser-Roth Corp
Evans Tony Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Geis Jodi Voting Manufacturing Solutions Center
George Saji Non-Voting Pickering Laboratories Inc
Goodson Thomas Non-Voting Mohawk Industries
Goodwin Peter Voting James Heal
Gopalakrishnan Jayakumar Voting
Gray-Scully Uraina Non-Voting DLA Product Test Center
Handley Ashley Non-Voting UL
Jeon Youngmin Voting FITI Testing & Research Institute
Kolby Sandra Non-Voting Bentley Prince Street
Lattie Robert Non-Voting
Lee Soo-Jong Non-Voting FITI Testing & Research Institute
Marshall Matthew Non-Voting UL Verification Services Inc
Massengill Angela Voting Cotton Incorporated
Matter Susan Non-Voting Nordstrom Product Group
Miller Irene Non-Voting
Mitra Seemanta Voting UL
Patel Punita Non-Voting Multicraft
Roaldi Ellen Voting Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (NY)
Shields Heather Non-Voting Adidas
Shiels Brian Non-Voting ArcWear
Simmons Erika Ex Officio AATCC
Simonson Richard Non-Voting
Sloan Gina Voting Microban International
Turner E. Richard Non-Voting Carpet & Rug Institute
Uyenco Ellen Voting Gap Inc / Old Navy
Yung Hon Kay Voting UL VS Hong Kong Ltd
Chehna Adi Ex Officio Non-Voting Textile Tech Services
Crocker John Non-Voting SDL Atlas LLC
Gassett Susan Non-Voting Natick Soldier RDE Center

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