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AATCC Foundation
C1 AATCC Board of Directors
C1-S14 Study Committee on Employee Benefits
C1-S16 Awards Oversight Committee
C1-S8 Building and Grounds Committee
C17 Education Advisory Board
C2 Executive Committee on Research
C2-S1 International Test Methods
C2-S3 Colour Index Dyes Board
C2-S4 Joint AATCC/ASTM D13
C3 Technical Committee on Research
C5 Appropriations Committee
C6 Membership Committee
C7 Publications Committee
C7-S9 AATCC Journal of Research
C9 Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Chemical Applications Interest Group
Concept 2 Consumer (C2C) Interest Group
CS61 Harold C. Chapin Award Committee
CS65 Olney Medal Award Committee
CS70 Henry E. Millson Award for Invention Committee
CS73 Young Entrepreneur Award Committee
Materials Interest Group
RA100 Global Sustainability Technology
RA102 Statistics Advisory
RA103 Spectroscopic Technologies
RA104 Garment Wet Processing Technology
RA106 UV Protective Textiles Test Methods
RA109 Flammability Technology Committee
RA111 Electronically Integrated Textiles
RA112 Thermal Regulation Test Methods
RA23 Colorfastness to Water Test Methods
RA24 Fiber Analysis Test Methods
RA31 Antimicrobial Activity Test Methods
RA32 Static Electricity Test Methods
RA33 Colorfastness to Atmospheric Contaminant Test Methods
RA34 Preparation Test Methods
RA36 Color Measurement Test Methods
RA38 Colorfastness to Crocking Test Methods
RA42 Dimensional Change Test Methods
RA43 Professional Textile Care Test Methods
RA45 Finish Analysis Test Methods
RA49 Insect Resistance Test Methods
RA50 Lightfastness and Weathering Test Methods
RA56 Stain Resistance Test Methods
RA57 Floor Covering Test Methods
RA59 Fibrous Test Materials
RA60 Colorfastness to Washing Test Methods
RA61 Appearance Retention Test Methods
RA63 Water Resistance, Absorbency & Wetting Agent Eval TM
RA75 Evaluation of Materials & Prods for End Use Performance
RA80 Printing Technology
RA87 Applied Dyeing & Characterization of Dyes Test Methods
RA88 Home Laundering Technology
RA89 Hand Evaluation Test Methods
RA92 Interaction of Dyes and Finishes Test Methods
RA99 Technical Manual Editorial Review
Young Professionals Committee