RA99 Technical Manual Editorial Review

Scope: To maintain the test method style manual; to review all new and existing test methods for compliance with the style manual, clarity of thought and technical consistency between methods; to recommend layout and content changes for the Technical Manual that primarily affect its ease of use. RA99 shall be composed of 5-8 members appointed by ECR, plus 3 ex officio members (ECR Chair, TCR Chair, and TCR Vice-Chair) and an AATCC staff member. Appointed members are selected for knowledge of AATCC standards and policies, as well as attention to detail and command of the written English language. In particular, past ECR chairs may be invited to join the committee as appointed members at the completion of their ex officio terms. The chair shall rotate among appointed members, each serving a three-year term in the order in which they were appointed. If there are no new appointed members when all members have completed a term as chair, the rotation shall restart with the longest-serving appointed member. The AATCC Technical Director or another staff member shall serve as secretary of the committee.