RA104 Garment Wet Processing Technology

RA104 Garment Wet Processing Technology Members

Total Members: 49

Last Name First Name Role Company
Tyndall R. Michael Chair Tyndall Textile Consulting, Ltd.
Scheer Dennis Secretary SST Technology Solutions, Inc.
Ali Muhammad Voting US Denim Mills Pvt Ltd
Appidi Subhash Voting Intertek Consumer Goods IL
Arya Preeti Non-Voting Fashion Institute of Technology
Buxton David Voting Advanced Dyeing Solutions Ltd
Carvalho Heidi E Voting Response Technologies
Chehna Adi Voting Textile Tech Services
Crotts Dallas Voting Cekal Specialties Inc
Dhandapani Renuka Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Elliot Heather Non-Voting SmartWool
Farias Leonard Non-Voting Dye Rite LLC
Garrett William Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Gopalakrishnan Jayakumar Non-Voting
Hauser Peter Voting North Carolina State University - Wilson College of Textiles
Hernandez Mario Non-Voting North Carolina State University
Hunter Audra Non-Voting Target Corp
Ingram Joshua Voting PBI Performance Products, Inc.
Jasani Kanti Voting Performance & Technical Textile Consulting
Jiang Hong Non-Voting SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Qingdao) Co Ltd
Khemani Anjali Voting
Kilinc-Balci F. Selcen Voting NIOSH, NPPTL, TRB
Kyllo Karen Voting SGS US Testing Services
Lam Calvin Yuk Ming Non-Voting Charming Printing Ltd
Lattie Robert Non-Voting
Lee Jeffrey Non-Voting Integrated Service Technology
Lee Katelyn Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Lemere Lee Voting Lemere Technologies
Miller Irene Non-Voting
Muhlin Karen Non-Voting VF Outdoor Inc
Patel Punita Voting Multicraft
Protonentis Louis Voting Noble Biomaterials
Quddus Mir Voting Guilford Performance Textiles
Revels Carol Non-Voting Lands' End Inc
Sabet Nooshin Voting alphabroder Canada
Shahid Adeel Voting Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan
Shook Daniel Voting Kontoor Brands
Simmons Erika Ex Officio AATCC
Stewart Chuck Voting Eastman Chemical Co
Tighe Charles Voting
Turner Edwin Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Uyenco Ellen Voting Gap Inc / Old Navy
Wang Jiping Voting Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Wood Krystle Moody Non-Voting Materevolve
Young Alex Voting TexRay Industrial Co Ltd
Zhu Min Voting SGS North America Inc
Zubair Muhammad Voting Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC
Ormond R. Bryan Member North Carolina State University - Wilson College of Textiles
Shuler II Lewis Member The Alpine Group

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