RA109 Flammability Technology Committee

RA109 Flammability Technology Committee Members

Total Members: 57

Last Name First Name Role Company
Smith Brent Chair Elevate Textiles
Ali Muhammad Non-Voting US Denim Mills Pvt Ltd
Appidi Subhash Voting Intertek Consumer Goods IL
Bey Mildred Voting DLA Product Test Center
Brown Magali Voting Eastman Chemical Co
Burke Rick Voting Thermetrics
Crocker John Voting SDL Atlas LLC
Dickerman Karen Non-Voting N/A
Dong Hongming Voting The Boeing Company
George Gregory Voting Greg George & Associates
Gopalakrishnan Jayakumar Non-Voting
Gray-Scully Uraina Voting DLA Product Test Center
Houser Nelson Non-Voting retired, Archroma
Hsieh You-Lo Voting University of California Davis
Ingram Joshua Voting PBI Performance Products, Inc.
Jasani Kanti Voting Performance & Technical Textile Consulting
Khemani Anjali Voting
Kilinc-Balci F. Selcen Voting NIOSH, NPPTL, TRB
Klausing Stacy Voting ArcWear
Knickerbocker Emily Non-Voting UPPAbaby
Kolby Sandra Voting Bentley Prince Street
Lakhani Abdul Non-Voting SGS Pakistan Consumer Services
Lemere Lee Voting Lemere Technologies
Leucht Thomas Non-Voting Application Lab Weber & Leucht GmbH
Li Shulong Non-Voting Milliken & Co
Lin Joseph Voting Vartest Laboratories Inc
Lindemann Craig Non-Voting WL Gore & Associates
MacClamrock Carla Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Marshall Matthew Non-Voting UL Verification Services Inc
McClure Luzena Michelle Voting Engineered Flooors LLC
Meeks Shawn Voting Testfabrics Inc
Miller Irene Non-Voting
Mitra Seemanta Voting UL
Muhlin Karen Voting VF Outdoor Inc
Patel Punita Non-Voting Multicraft
Quddus Mir Voting Guilford Performance Textiles
Rearick William Non-Voting
Roaldi Ellen Voting Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (NY)
Sabet Nooshin Voting alphabroder Canada
Sachs Lexie Non-Voting Good Housekeeping Institute
Shahid Adeel Non-Voting Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan
Shiels Brian Voting ArcWear
Sieber Michael Voting
Simmons Erika Ex Officio AATCC
Smith Brent Voting Elevate Textiles
Thompson James Non-Voting Ansell
Truesdale Rembert Voting TenCate Protective Fabrics
Turner E. Richard Voting Carpet & Rug Institute
Wallace Michele Voting Cotton Incorporated
Whang Hyun Suk Non-Voting DLA Product Test Center
Wise Monica Voting Catawba Valley Community College
Wood Krystle Moody Non-Voting Materevolve
Young Alex Voting TexRay Industrial Co Ltd
Yung Hon Kay Non-Voting UL Verification Services Inc
Zubair Muhammad Non-Voting Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC
Ormond R. Bryan Member North Carolina State University - Wilson College of Textiles

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