RA87 Applied Dyeing & Characterization of Dyes Test Methods

RA87 Applied Dyeing & Characterization of Dyes Test Methods Members

Total Members: 28

Last Name First Name Role Company
Leucht Thomas Non-Voting Application Lab Weber & Leucht GmbH
Johnson Heather Secretary American & Efird LLC
Johnson Heather Voting American & Efird LLC
Bide Martin Voting University Of Rhode Island
Brady Barry Voting Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC
Dill Alexander Voting Archroma US
Edwards Brian Non-Voting Eastman Chemical Co
Fuss Frank Voting
Garrett William Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Houser Nelson Non-Voting retired, Archroma
Jiang Hong Voting SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services (Qingdao) Co Ltd
Kukuch Allie Non-Voting
Li Shulong Non-Voting Milliken & Co
Rodgers James Non-Voting USDA ARS Cotton Chemistry and Utilization
Sarmadi Majid Voting University Of Wisconsin- Madison
Simmons Erika Ex Officio AATCC
Stuckey William Voting
Suarez Kim Non-Voting Marmot
Truesdale Rembert Voting TenCate Protective Fabrics
Turner Edwin Non-Voting Cotton Incorporated
Vogel William Voting Retired
Wang Jiping Non-Voting Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Wood Krystle Moody Non-Voting Materevolve
Zubair Muhammad Voting Organic Dyes and Pigments LLC
Chehna Adi Ex Officio Non-Voting Textile Tech Services
Sabou Daniel Non-Voting Miliken Polartec LLC
Jayaraman Bhavani Member AATCC

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