LP1 Home Laundering: Machine Washing

LP1 Home Laundering: Machine Washing




AATCC LP1-2021, Home Laundering: Machine Washing.


Developed in 2018 by AATCC Committee RA88 (supersedes Monograph 6). Revised 2021; Editorially revised 2019

LP1 is being provided at no cost to support its use in CPSC 16 CFR part 1610.(Effective 10/4/23-ES)


   This procedure is based on laundering methods and parameters originally developed as part of various AATCC standards. As a stand-alone laundering protocol, it may be combined with other test methods, including those for appearance, care label verification, and flammability. A procedure for hand laundering may be found in Laboratory Procedure 2, Home Laundering: Hand Washing.

   Standard laundering procedures remain consistent to allow valid comparison of results. Standard parameters represent, but may not exactly replicate, current consumer practices, which vary over time and among households. Alternate laundering parameters (water level, agitation, temperature, etc.) are updated periodically to more closely mirror consumer practices and allow use of available consumer machines, though different parameters may produce different test results.


1.  Purpose and Scope

   1.1 This procedure provides standard and alternate home laundering conditions using an automatic washing machine. While the procedure includes several options, it is not possible to include every existing combination of laundering parameters.

   1.2 This test is applicable to all fabrics and end products suitable for home laundering.


2. Principle

   2.1 Home laundering procedures, including washing in an automatic washing machine and several drying methods are described. Parameters for washing machines and tumble dryers are also included. The procedures described herein need to be combined with an appropriate test method, to obtain and interpret results.


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The above information is only a summary of the AATCC standard.     


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