LP3 Transfer of Free Permethrin from Textile Surfaces

LP3 Transfer of Free Permethrin from Textile Surfaces




AATCC LP3-2018e, Transfer of Free Permethrin from Textile Surfaces


Developed in 2018 by AATCC Committee RA99;( editorially revised 2019)



   This laboratory procedure was originally developed as a method for transfer, extraction, and analysis of free permethrininsecticide. Because specific analysis methods vary among equipment manufacturers and models, the committee chose to standardize and publish only the transfer procedure. The practice may also be used for substances other than permethrin if paired with suitable extraction and analysis techniques. Although there is no result or data produced directly by the procedure, results reported after final analysis should note the use of this procedure.

   Standard laundering procedures remain consistent to allow valid comparison of results. Standard parameters represent, but may not exactly replicate, current consumer practices, which vary over time and among households. Alternate laundering parameters (water level, agitation, temperature, etc.) are updated periodically to more closely mirror consumer practices and allow use of available consumer machines, though different parameters may produce different test results.


1.  Purpose and Scope

   1.1 This procedure is used to transfer “free” permethrin insecticide from the surface of a textile material to a clean cloth for subsequent extraction and analysis. It may also be used to transfer other treatment substances.


2. Principle

   2.1 Using a Martindale abrasion tester,specimens of a treated sample fabric (with permethrin) are rubbed with an untreated white test fabric to transfer the permethrin from the specimen to the white test fabric. Trials at various (increasing) numbers of rubs are used to determine the total amount of free permethrin present on the surface of the test specimen.


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