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M007-M7-M 7 Lab Practice for Home Laundering Fabrics Prior to Flammability Test

M007-M7-M 7 Lab Practice for Home Laundering Fabrics Prior to Flammability Test

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Developed in 1991 by AATCC Committee RA88; editorially revised 1997; numbered in 2011.


1. Purpose and Scope

 1.1 This monograph recommends astandard laboratory practice to determinethe effect of five home launderings, with detergent, in combination with other laundering additives, on the flammability performance of fabrics which are being evaluated before sale. It is not intended as a guideline for cleaning those items sold as flame resistant. Many flammability tests and regulations have a laundering requirement either to determine the durability of the flame resistant performance or to establish the flammability classifications of textiles (16 CFR Part 1610) before and after laundering (see 4.1). Some of these tests or regulations incorporate one AATCC procedure or another. Organizations have established different procedures, often not well documented. Hence the need for an AATCC recommended standard laboratory practice which allows the test method to match the potential home care practices of the consumer and to differentiate between durable and nondurable flame resistant fabric treatments...


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